Firefox vulnerability reported again

Mozilla has issued an update for Firefox to fix a vulnerability in the browser that once again can allow an attacker to compromise a users system and allow third parties to search for sensitive files on a local system. The attacker can upload the information without ever gaining control of the actual system.

As is usual in these cases,  Firefox users are recommended to update their browser to version 39.0.3 or above as soon as possible.

For the full Mozilla security bulletin, please refer to :


Android Exploit Identified

The Rapid7 security group has identified an exploit that takes advantage of vulnerabilities in the default Android browser found on most Android based phones and tablets.


It is highly recommended that if your device is Android 4.1 or lower, you should use an alternate Browser from the Google Play Store and disable the built-in browser. id browser found in devices with Android operating systems of 4.10 and older. Google has reportedly fixed this bug starting with Android version 4.2 and above. However, the older versions of Android have no update capability to patch for these exploits.

Full Details can be found at

Tech company admits carrying out ‘crop circle’ stunt to promote new chip

Tech company admits carrying out ‘crop circle’ stunt to promote new chip.

Santa Clara, CA based Nvidia Corp. chose to promote the release of the latest version of their computer chip via novel idea – a crop circle.  The new chip features 192 computing “cores” to aid in enhancing performance for graphic applications. With the release of the chip, Nvidia hopes to make tablets rival Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 game consoles as games become more popular on the tablet-based platform.


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Coming Soon! – An all new Go2

Go2 is in the process of re-launching.

Go2 is rebuilding the site to make it the place to Go2 for the latest for tech updates whether you are computer savvy or just a plain everyday smartphone user. Go2 will be bringing you the new you can use to keep you PC, laptop, tablet or any other device you use on the go running smooth.